Elise     September 3, 2017     No Comments

Hi everyone, and welcome to Dear Elizabeth (Lail), your newest resource for everything related to the beautiful and most talented American actress, Elizabeth Lail. I have been working on the site for the past few weeks now so I am thrilled to finally have it opened to bring you all of the latest news on Liz. She is best known for having appeared as Princess Anna in ABC’s “Once Upon A Time” and as Amy Hughes in “Dead of Summer“. She will soon appear in “Unintended” as Lea, and in “You” alongside Penn Bagdley.

I am still working on the site’s pages, but the gallery, containing more than 6,000 high quality pictures and exclusive content including public appearances photos, photoshoots, portraits and more is mostly complete. Be sure to follow us on Twitter (@lizlailcom) to stay up-to-date with everything Jodie related. Please take a look around and be sure to bookmark the site.

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